A few recent publications

2017 |Wildfire and archaeological research on Fylingdales Moor, Prehistoric Yorkshire 55, 38-46

2016 |(with H. Maclean) Digging up Dere Street: the archaeology of an ancient route, British Archaeology, Sept/Oct, 24-9

2015 |(with D. Knight) Engaging communities in Heritage Research: regional research frameworks as mechanisms for stimulating research and enhancing public understanding, in J.S. Ghattas, D. Henson and Y.F. Willumsen (eds) Managing Archaeological Heritage, Kristiansand, 6-15

2014 |Prehistoric pottery, and cup-marked stones, in A. Platell Archaeological investigations along the Roman road through Cherster-le-Street, County Durham, Durham Archaeol. Journ. 19, 62 and 65-66

2013 |contributions to J. Harding Cult, Religion and Pilgrimage Archaeological Investigations at the Neolithic and Bronze Age Monument Complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire

2013 | The Tortie Stone revisited, Trans. Cumb. Westmorland Archaeol. Soc. Ser 3, 13,17-32

2013 |Contributions to J. Zant and C. Howard-Davis (eds) Scots Dyke to Turnpike: The Archaeology of the A66, Greta Bridge to Scotch Corner, Lancaster Imprint

2012 |Finding a dim far away past: nineteenth-century archaeological endeavour in Cleveland, Yorkshire Archaeol. Journ. 84, 22-37

2012 |(with D. Knight and C. Allen) East Midlands Heritage: An Updated Research Agenda and Strategy for the Historic Environment of the East Midlands

2012 |The Archaeology of Roman Dere Street

2011 |(With I. Wall) A Neolithic cairn at Whitwell, Derbyshire, Derbyshire Archaeological Journal, 131, 1-131

2011 |A new context for rock art: a Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age ritual monument at Fylingdales, North Yorkshire, Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 77, 1–23

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